Home Testing

Radon 411 professionals are certified radon testing and mitigation experts who can accurately test your home for elevated radon levels. Once conclusive results from our certified labs are reviewed, we will help you decide the proper course of action for radon mitigation and show you how to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Radon 411 conducts an affordable, professional short-term radon test that meets the EPA’s standards of radon testing in the Kansas City metro area. The testing device, a continuous radon monitor (CRM), is a calibrated instrument that will be placed in the lowest level of the home or building suitable for occupancy. Radon testing requires a minimum 48 hour test period with 12 (hours) of "closed-house conditions" prior to conducting the test. The continuous radon monitor (CRM) will take hourly readings for the duration of the test. Upon retrieval of the testing device, hourly readings are included in a detailed radon report specific to the structure tested.

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